Vertical drilling

Tricone bit and PDC bit for Oil & gas well,water well,geothermal,exploration etc.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Pilot bit,hole opener,fly cutters,reamer,drill rods,swivels for Horizontal Directional Drilling

Piling foundation

roller bit,bullets,core barrel for rotary piling foundation

Latest News

PDC cutters introduction

PDC cutters are very important part of PDC bits.It consists of PDC table and tungsten carbide support. Specification The main primary cutter diameter is 8 mm,10 mm,13 mm,16 mm,19 mm The most popular model for Read more…

Horizontal drilling PDC bit

Horizontal drilling PDC bit Horizontal drilling is a process of drilling horizontal wells from a point of vertical well. We call the point as “kickoff point”. What kinds of conditions need horizontal drilling? Vertical drilling Read more…