Solidkey company video

Welcome to visit Hebei Solidkey Petroleum Machinery, we are API(American Petroleum Institute) certified factory of drilling bits. Tricone bits, PDC bits, hole openers, roller cone bits,core barrel and accessories.

The Application Fields:
-Oil/gas well drilling.
-Geothermal well drilling.
-Water well drilling.
-Trenchless/No-Dig/ HDD(Horizontal Directional Drilling)
-Piling by rotary drilling rigs / Micro-piling.

The History of Solidkey.
-Established in year 2009.
-Now we are serving for agencies/distributors/drillers from more than 35 countries.

The Quality Control:
-All of the production lines strictly conform to API specifications, our API license No. is Spec 7-1-1242.
CNAS ISO 9001:2015.

The Services:
-Cooperate with agencies on tender documents.
-Cooperate with distributors to analyse local market and optimize supplying chain.
-Cooperate with drillers to find the best solutions to speed up ROP(Rate of Penetration) and lower drilling cost.