Horizontal drilling PDC bit

Horizontal drilling is a process of drilling horizontal wells from a point of vertical well. We call the point as “kickoff point”.

What kinds of conditions need horizontal drilling?

  1. Vertical drilling can’t reach oil and gas reservoirs. The reason may be from ground or  underground formations.
  2. The vertical formations is complex or hard. Vertical drilling cost is too high.
  3. The oil and gas reservoirs is desert. In surrounding, there is other oil and gas reservoirs.

Solidkey designed and produced horizontal drilling PDC bit for oil wells in this year.The diameter of PDC bit is 4 1/2”.

Horizontal drilling PDC bit
Horizontal drilling PDC bit

The vertical oil reservoirs  is empty.  So petroleum company adopted  horizontal drilling technology to reach surrounding oil reservoirs. In this method,the petroleum production will increase a lot.

In this week,we received feedback from customer,their drilling works were finished.Following is the PDC bits picture from them.

Horizontal drilling PDC bit

Solidkey own strong ability of design and production.We can customize PDC bits according to your demand.


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