Nozzles are necessary parts of tricone bit and hole opener in horizontal directional drilling. Some time we may face block up of nozzles. How to solve it?

Before we solve this question, we will analyze the reason to cause nozzle block in advance.

In common, the reasons to cause block is mud  fluid and motor.

  1. Check the quality of mud.

Are there impurity in mud? Is sand content  higher?

2. Check the condition of motor

The main reason is mud according to experience. What is the steps to dredge nozzle?

1.Clean the impurity in nozzle by sticks

2.Clear water test. Stop using mud fluid first, use clear water to see whether the nozzle is through

3.Check the impurity and sand content of mud. Guarantee impurity and sand content in suitable range.

If jet is normal,the motor should be no problem.

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