TCI roller bits have multiple shapes of  inserts.The  regular inserts shapes of TCI roller bit are spoon inserts, chisel inserts ,conical inserts,spherical inserts. Why are they have so many kinds of shape? What is the use of different shapes of inserts?

Different shapes of TCI could make roller cone bit to apply to different drilling formation.

Chisel inserts are used to break high-plastic soft and middle hard formations, the angle range is 65°-90°.The angle is sharper, the formation is softer; the angel is bigger, the formation is harder.

Inserts shape of TCI
Chisel inserts

Spoon inserts are used for soft formation.

Inserts shape of TCI
Spoon inserts

Conical inserts are used to crush rock. 60°-70° angle is  used to break middle hard formations . 90°-120° angle is  used to break hard formations.

Inserts shape of TCI
Conical inserts

Spherical inserts is high strength and wear-resistance. They could break hard formations by crushing and impact.

Inserts shape of TCI
Spherical inserts

Solidkey own leading R&D dept, in order to improve the lifetime and ROP of roller bits as more as possible, our engineer design scientific tooth layout.If you have any question,welcome to communicate with us.

Inserts shape of TCI
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