PDC cutters are very important part of PDC bits.It consists of PDC table and tungsten carbide support.

PDC cutters


The main primary cutter diameter is 8 mm,10 mm,13 mm,16 mm,19 mm

The most popular model for oil drill is 1308,1313,1613,1913

The first two digits are diameter. Last two digits are height.

PDC cutters


There is common shape and special shape.

Common shape is plain and round.

Special shape may be sphere, conical or others

Some famous PDC bit companies also have their special shapes.

Such as Halliburton Geometrix series, NOV ION series

PDC cutters

In addition, common PDC table is fixed. There is also rolling cutters, such as  Schlumberger Enduro 360.

How to evaluate quality of PDC cutters?

The most important parameters are wear resistance and impact resistance.

PDC cutters and geologic formations

The formations is softer, diameter of cutters is bigger, quantity of cutters is smaller, ROP is faster.

The formations is harder, diameter of cutters is smaller, quantity of cutters is bigger, ROP is slower.


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