As a manufacturer, rock roller bits for bore piling is one of our main products. With the developments of roller bits, instead of the ones split from tricone bits, we designed rock roller bits C133, C142, C169, NG2 and NG3…

Our C133 rock roller bits is very popular among piling contractors in South East Asia. It consists of three cones, cone 1, cone 2, and cone 3. Three cones work together to cut the rock. When the rock strength is 80Mpa, we recommend IADC537 with chisel teeth, which has faster drilling speed. When the rock strength is around 120 Mpa, we recommend IADC637 with button teeth, which has better performance to conquer the rock.

With its high cost performance, no matter the roller bits core barrel maker or the ender use are fond of this type.

Hundreds of pieces are shipped abroad each month.


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