17 1/2″ TCI Tricone bit for water well



17 1/2″ TCI Tricone bit for water well

17 1/2″ TCI Tricone bit is very common model for water well drilling.It’s used to drill the first hole of water well.In common,the surface formation is not too hard,the common IADC code is 517 and 537.

SOLIDKEY Tricone Bits  
IADC 517G and 537G


Diameter  17 1/2″ (444.5 mm)
Bearing Type  Elastomer sealed bearing
Tooth Type  TCI(Tungsten Carbide Inserts)
Circulation Type  Mud fluid
Thread Connection  7 5/8 reg pin
Gauge Protection  Available
Shirttail Protection  Available
Operating Parameters
RPM(r/min) 120-50
WOB(KN) 200-444
Formations Soft to medium formation with low compressive strength, such as mudstone, gypsum, salt, soft limestone, etc.