New G2(49/7.7) roller cone bit for foundation



New G2(49/7.7) roller cone bit is designed for high-end piling foundation.

1.The cone is designed to full face.It owns more tungsten carbide inserts than C133 series.The efficiency is much higher.

2.The material of cone and arm is much better. Cone  is 15MnNi4Mo,arm is 15CrNiMo. The wear-resistance,toughness and plasticity is much better.The lifetime is much longer and efficiency is much higher.

3.New G2 adopts high-end bear system and vacuum filling lubrication system.The bear could work in higher RPM,lifetime is longer.

roller cone bit for foundation

Technical specification of roller cone bit for foundation:

Raw Material
Cone 15MnNi4Mo
Arm 15CrNiMo
Tooth Tungsten Carbide Inserts
Tooth Qty.&Diameter 49 PCS / 14mm
Tooth Height Total height: 19mm, inside height: 11.3mm, outside height: 7.7mm
Bearing and Lubrication
Tungsten carbide enhanced on bearing
A Yes
B Yes
C Yes
Inject grease by vacuum machine

roller cone bit for foundation