PDC bit for Oil Well Drilling



PDC bit is famous for high drilling speed and  deep well drilling.

Product video:


Size range:3″ to 26″

Primary cutter size: 13mm,16mm, 19mm

Blades quantity:3 to 16

Feature code:

A: Vibration absorber

B: Backing-reaming

D: Double rows cutters

S: Spiral blades

G: Spiral Gauge protection

T: Special Gauge protection

M: Mixed primary cutters

L: Lengthening Gauge

I: Impregnated

What information do we need to quote?

1.Bit diameter + IADC CODE

2.Bit diameter + cutter size + quantity of blades

3. Solidkey can also design according to customer’s requirement:

(1)We can design according to clients’ requirements.

(2)Clients provides real samples or drawings, we can produce according to samples or drawings.

Design video: