Steel tooth tricone bit


Steel tooth  tricone bit is milled from steel, it’s applied to drill soft  formations.They have long steel tooth,the ROP is very high is soft or medium formation.

Application area: oil/gas well, water well, Geothermal well, pilot bit for HDD

Bearing sealing : elastomer sealed bearing


  1. Tungsten carbide hardfacing steel tooth. Hardfacing materials is high strength and high wear-resistance. 
  1. Scientific and reasonable geometry structure, Solidkey always listen to feedback form users,our engineers are always working on improving our products in practical application.
  2. Protection(customer optional): hardfaced shirttail, gauge and arm are protected with tungsten carbide inserts
  3. Excellent bearing structure and sealing,
  4. Vacuum filling lubrication system,long lifetime of bearing.
  5. Standard PIN match with drilling rig
  6. Strict production process and quality control, all milling works are processed by precise CNC machine.

steel tooth structure